As Cristini nears its 100th year of operation its focus is set clearly on the development and supply of products designed to help paper, pulp and tissue producers to reduce their costs through energy conservation.

Cristini has been always been a leading producer of paper machine clothing (PMC), continuously striving to be in the forefront of innovation. Cristini’s development team brought to market ground-breaking products such as the first pin seamed press felt in the 1950’s before this technology became a standard to the paper industry and most recently launching its Diagnostic Systems division that is now the paper industry’s leader in online and portable diagnostic equipment.

Cristini's Prexx Technology press felts are designed for maximum water removal and its Essential forming fabric family is designed for optimal formation while reducing the vacuum required to reach the desired specifications.

In the converting end, Cristini has revolutionized the way the industry makes board through its Spirablet technology. The Spirabelt has helped box makers reduce drive loads significantly while increasing speeds and improving board quality.


Helped us to improve production e reduce costs. Works very well and has a good software for analytics of data.