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Paper Coating Slurries (TIO2, CaCO3, Clay, etc.) can be produced at very high capacities using the VACUCAMĀ® Continuous Steady State Slurry Process. This process offers the Paper Coating industry the capability to produce slurries on demand directly from dry pigment silos, with consistent dispersion quality. Also this process provides the option to purchase dry pigment and produce slurries directly from rail car or hopper truck delivery and pump the finished slurry directly into slurry storage tanks, thus eliminating the higher cost of slurry pigments and freight costs for shipping water. The Steady State process will disperse approximately 20 MTPH of pigment into 60-80% slurry (to within 1% of slurry dilatancy). Higher capacity systems can produce up to 40MTPH of pigment. This 21st Century Slurry Process will allow a paper coater to produce individual pigment slurries, at maximum concentration, of each individual pigment and continuously deliver each slurry to its respective slurry storage tank.

This Continuous Steady State Process is totally automated and is designed to recycle slurry through the VACUCAMĀ® Ejector Mixer mounted tangentially into the top of a small de-aeration tank. The Mixer will convey and mix powder at a rate delivered and controlled by the continuous scale feeder. The water addition is automatically slaved to the dry powder addition, and the multiple additive additions are slaved to the water addition to continuously deliver the design ratio of ingredients to produce a finished slurry. The set-point slurry concentration is continuously maintained as the level set-point in the slurry tank controls the transfer pump to continuously deliver finished slurry to storage.

The dry side of the Continuous Steady State Process is designed to maintain the capacity feed of dry ingredients to the Ejector Mixer. The dry side can be fed from high capacity bulk bag unloading systems, from dry pigment silos or directly from rail car or hopper truck unloading.

Paper Kitchen Processes
In addition to the processing of the high capacity pigments and fillers, Semi-Bulk Systems provides total solutions to address all of the requirements for kitchen formulations addressing starches, thickeners, gums and other functionalizing ingredients.

How do we do it? Our professional engineering team works closely with your team at every stage of your Process XstreamLiningsm. First, we evaluate your existing or planned processes, review your complete short- and long-term corporate needs, and develop the best process solution to address all your operating criteria. We then implement your process operation by initiating the manufacturing phase of your system, including installation and start-up.

Sound like something you can use? Then learn more about how Semi-Bulk Systems can help you incorporate Process XstreamLining into your organization s bottom line!