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Weve spent years pioneering viscosity measurement technologies and improving measurement precision.

We provide automated and manual viscometer systems for Test Methods
TAPPI T230-OM94 Pulp Viscosity, SCAN CM15:99, USP Viscosity, PAPTAC G.24P, ISO 5351:2004 and ASTM D1795

In 1938 we introduced our first manual glass viscometer. Since then, weve helped generations of customers to achieve improved measurement accuracy and throughput in their laboratories increasing their return on products with tighter measurement precisions and fast automation.

Our instruments are made to uphold the CANNON tradition of excellence engineered to take on both the simplest and most challenging applications with equal ease. Theyre designed with features that make life in the laboratory simpler, safer, and faster. And theyre built with components that work hard and last for years.

Every product that CANNON offers has been carefully crafted to meet or exceed specifications required by international standards organizations including ASTM, SAE, ISO, and AASHTO. Our major equipment items are CE Mark compliant. All CANNON viscosity standards are traceable to NIST.

Our staff maintains professional contact with industry experts in the fields of petroleum and petrochemicals, polymers, asphalt and paving, and many other areas. We also maintain a presence at national and international conferences and exhibitions serving our customers. Our quality processes and goals emphasize our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.

CANNON Products Limited Warranty

CANNON Reagent and Chemical Warranty

ISO 9001:2000 Registration/Certification
CANNON's testing laboratory is ISO 9001:2000 certified through Underwriters Laboratories.

CANNON Instrument Company is ISO 9001:2000 registered with respect to the following products and services:

* 3823 (US): Industrial Instruments for Measurement, Display, and Control of Process Variable; and Related Products.
* The manufacture and certification of viscosity standards and the viscosity certification of customer-supplied materials.
* The provision of calibration services for viscometer and kinematic viscosity thermometers.

Click here to view a copy of our ISO-9001:2000 certificate.

A2LA Accreditation
A2LA has accredited CANNON for technical competence in the field of calibration (certificate number 1262.01). The accreditation covers the calibration of glass capillary and cup viscometers, the determination of kinematic and dynamic viscosity (including that of viscosity standards and the viscosity certification of customer samples), and the provision of calibration services for viscometers and kinematic viscosity thermometers in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025-1999.