Stickle Steam Specialties Co.

2215 Valley Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46218
United States of America


For over 100 years, papermills, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and even prisons have relied on Stickle Steam to provide them with a low-maintenance, worry free, solution to their steam demands.

Today, as the Corrugating Industry continuously expands and places ever-growing demands on steam systems and equipment, Stickle Steam is carrying on their tradition of leading the steam industry by providing efficient and automated Process Control Steam Systems for Corrugators.

The Stickle 760 Live Steam System is the economical, simple answer to your steam system requirements. A conventional Live Steam system offering a wide variety of steam control with modern steam trap technology.

The Stickle 860 Cascade Steam System is a revolutionary closed loop system that maximizes energy conservation by returning condensate to the boiler with a minimum drop in temperature and pressure.