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We are an independent laboratory serving the paper, paperboard, and packaging industries. We have extensive experience with folding cartons, multi-pack beverage carriers, and various paperboard substrates and applications. We also have experience with a wide range of other paper products, including thermal papers as one example

Our group is led by Vann Parker, who has worked in technical areas of paper mills for 25 years. Vann has extensive experience with coated bleached paperboard, coated multi-ply paperboard, coated unbleached paperboard, and fine paper. Vann's mill experience and process knowledge are beneficial in interpreting the results of our tests and evaluations. Process knowledge can facilitate discovery of the root cause of problems, and it can help determine what changes are required to achieve desired results.

Our associates have manufacturing experience in publication papers, coated free sheet, and tissue, as well as the board grades. The staff is also familiar with the properties of coated and uncoated papers as well as coated paperboard, bleached, unbleached, and recycled.

We test products, then we evaluate, interpret, and report the facts frankly and honestly in order to maximize our value to our customers. We serve our customers at times when third party testing is considered of value or when it is difficult for an in-house technical services group to be viewed as completely objective.

Our Test Services Are Applied to the Following Products:
♦ Physical, surface, printability tests
♦ Coated, uncoated paper
♦ Coated folding carton
♦ Beverage carrier
♦ Thermal Papers
♦ Linerboard
♦ Corrugating Medium
Many other grades

Our test procedures comply with TAPPI Test Methods. In addition to evaluating surface quality, printability, and convertibility, we develop customized or specialized procedures for our customers to respond to special applications.

Test Descriptions (These are short, non technical descriptions of some of the tests that we run. As more of these simple, straightforward descriptions of our tests are produced, they will be added to this page.)

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