Cascades Sonoco

One N Second St
Mail Code U01
Hartsville, SC 29550
United States of America



Cascades Sonoco is North America s leading provider of customized coating and lamination solutions. We coat various substrates including paper and paperboard, clear plastic films, metalized films, woven and reinforced materials and extrudable polymers.

We provide extrusion and water-based coating applications, as well as flame and corona treatments, printing, die-cutting, sheeting, trimming, slitting and rewinding and on-line moisturizing. Our high quality coated and laminated paperboards and structures can be converted for an array of specialized products including corrugated boxes, multi-wall bags, fiber drums, folding cartons and envelopes.

We have experience in the science and technology of coatings and laminations for paper and non-woven substrates, with advanced techniques and processes such as:
- Surface preparation for improved printing and gluing
- Weight reduction achieved through lamination and coating processes
- Strength optimization of paper-based structures for stacking durability and resistance to edge crush and ring crush
- Sustainable alternatives to non-recyclable wax products
- Structural solutions through innovative pairings of substrates with laminations or coatings